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I'm a man with a plan! Working on building a great resume of film and continue to build until I can achieve a full time career! I've had quite the career in MMA and in teaching Martial Arts and I think the transition was an easy one, well, easier I guess because of the tv experience but film STILL makes me nervous as hell!


Skills & Expertise



No Easy Days                         SSE Terrorist Lance Entertainment

Highly Functional Officer Sanchez Highly Functional

Killing Mommy Bill Bartender NB Thrilling Films

Perfect Stalker Officer 1 D. Osborne, Curtis Crawford

Art of More Referee Rob Lieberman

Killjoys Season 3 Ferran David Fortier/IIvan Schneeberg

I’m Coming For You Police Officer Curtis Crawford

Condor Chauffeur Andrew MaCarthy


Available upon request


Heroes Combat League Live Shows Ottawa

Guest on Rogers Cable Live Shows Ottawa

Guest on CTV Daytime Many Shows Ottawa


Ilona Smyth Audition Workshop Smyth Casting-Ottawa

Ottawa Casting Workshop Mathew Stefiuk-Sean Tucker

Ron Leach Audition Workshop Ron Leach

Behind The Text Tony Babcock

General American Accent Workshop Rae Ellen Bodie

Audition and Accent Private Gary Hudson-Hollywood


Language – Arabic, English, French

Accents – Spanish (Latin) British, Greek, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic,

French, Aussie, South African

I have excellent stunt coordination skills,

I have a stunt driving course and I have 2 motorcycles, Speed bike and cruiser. I ride well.

Professional MMA Fighter 10 Years, 4th Degree Black Belt Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu, 1st

Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

15 years as a chef, good with a knife. I can:

Butcher, and clean carcasses

I cook everything under the sun

You name it, I can make it

I can build walls, I can do some carpentry, I can do most handy man stuff, built most of my businesses

I can play some drums and guitar, not very well but I can fake it well

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